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From november 2018 the Antwerpen Guitarfestival will join the EuroStrings Guitar Festivals Collaborative.


EuroStrings was founded by Zagreb Guitar Festival from Croatia in November 2017 and it is currently gathering 14 classical guitar festivals from all over Europe. In November 2018 three festivals will join the platform as new members: Antwerpen Gitaarfestival from Belgium, Uppsala International Guitar Festival from Sweden and Harmonia Cordis International Classical Guitar Festival from Romania.


EuroStrings is a ground breaking European classical guitar project running for 4 years, made possible by a 2 million grant from the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


EuroStrings creates a hub of international opportunities for emerging guitar players from Europe and beyond, educational and training programs that foster their professional development, supporting the trends for sustainability of festivals in the field of classical music. The platform brings together guitarists and their audiences, breaking down barriers while actively participating in the creation of classical guitar experience.


EuroStrings focuses on highlighting the emerging guitar players – winners of EuroStrings Festivals’ competitions, so called Young Stars. Through Young Stars exchange programme emerging guitar talents get the opportunity to tour EuroStrings Festivals reaching international audiences and accessing new markets. They learn from the best guitar players in the world through masterclasses and participate in various outreach educational programmes.


EuroStrings Activities


Beside the main focus on Young Stars Exchange Programme, EuroStrings has also developed a scholarship programme to acknowledge the financial situation of many young guitar players and to support their international education. The EuroStrings scholarships will enable young guitarists with lower financial capability to participate in Eurostrings Festivals international guitar competitions and masterclasses.


With the aim to diversify its audience by reaching youngsters and youth without musical education coming from socially disadvantaged areas and to deepen the relationship with the current youth audience by creating better experience for them, EuroStrings Festivals will also through the four years develop a variety of activities and methods to engage new audiences.

The festival members will as well participate in knowledge-sharing and knowledge-building about classical guitar sector.


By becoming a member of EuroStrings platform, the Antwerpen Gitaarfestival will be actively involved in the shaping and development of a European classical guitar scene.


From November 2018, the winners of the international guitar competition at Antwerpen Gitaarfestival will have the opportunity to enjoy the title of the EuroStrings Young Star and take part in EuroStrings Young Stars Exchange Programme. Antwerpen Gitaarfestival and its activities will also be showcased to the European audiences and the festival with its experiences will have a significant role to contribute to evolvement of the classical guitar sector.


EuroStrings Festivals


International Guitar Festival Guimarães (POR)

Internationales Gitarrenfestival Rust (AUT)

Zagreb Guitar Festival (CRO)

Szeged Guitar Festival (HUN)

Sarajevo International Guitar Festival (BiH)

Twents GitaarFestival (NL)

Montenegro International Guitar Competition (MNE)

Tampere Guitar Festival (FIN)

Sofia GuitArt Festival (BGR)

Tallinn Guitar Festival (EST)

International Guitar Festival Mottola (ITA)

International Guitar Festival José Tomás Villa De Petrer (ESP)

International Guitar Festival Nuertingen (GER)

London Guitar Festival (UK)